Local Group of the Year 2012 

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About Us

Friends of the Earth gets people campaigning at all levels – locally, nationally and internationally.  Our campaigns over the last 40 years in the UK have been groundbreaking and have been behind laws to protect wildlife in Britain, doorstep recycling for every home and the world’s first climate change act.

We believe in environmental justice – that the environment is for everyone and that healthy people and a healthy environment go hand in hand.

Guildford Woking and Waverley Friends of the Earth is one of a network of over 200 local groups of Friends of the Earth in England and Wales.  Our campaigning area covers the towns of Guildford and Woking, the borough of Waverley (including the towns of Godalming, Haslemere and Farnham) and occasionally the north-east corner of Hampshire.  We meet monthly, usually the third Monday of every month and often at The Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford although we also try to hold meetings occasionally in the other towns in the area from time to time.

We know that meetings after a day at work aren’t for everybody and so we campaign in many different ways.  Sometimes you will find us talking to members of the public at large events

this is our co-ordinator Hilary persuading people to sign campaign postcards………………


and by persuading people to join in with the campaign in various other ways ……………….

this was the “Get Serious about Co2″ campaign when we had fun getting people to pose for photos to send on to local politicians…….

but we also meet MPs, lobby councillors, take part in email actione, write letters and use social media.   Last but not least we like to do practical hands on work helping to improve the quality of the local environment such as our support for Surrey Wildlife Trust to eradicate Himalayan Balsam in the River Wey catchment.

Our short but upbeat monthly email newsletters allow us to keep the readership of well over 150 per month informed about our campaigns and events.  We are also happy to promote the campaigns and events of other environmental groups in the area who share our aims and values.

Over many years members of the local group have campaigned

  • in the 1980s against the widening of the M25
  • in the 1990s in relation to the A3 tunnel at Hindhead
  • supported many Friends of the Earth  national campaigns such as the “Big Ask” (to get the Climate Change Act) by organising a public meeting at which one of the speakers was local group member Ben Richards (who had recently won a Ben and Jerry climate change scholarship and been on a trip to Greenland) and MP Jeremy Hunt (and here they are with special guest Ron the Bear, amongst others).


Sometimes our campaigns are  controversial, such as when we supported the proposal for an eco-settlement at Dunsfold Aerodrome between 2006 and 2009 (see the briefing on our briefing and resources page).  This is  because Friends of the Earth is not about keeping things as they are (and a fine mess that has got us into!) but about finding solutions.

In 2012 our achievements particularly in promoting local renewable energy through our  members work with other members of the local community for the Wey Valley Solar Schools Energy Co-operative were recognised by other Friends of the Earth local group members.  We were thrilled to be  voted “Group of the Year” at the 2012 Annual Friends of the Earth Conference – here we are on the stage receiving our certificate from Clive Anderson .

For more information or to join please email our Co-ordinator  Hilary Griffiths or telephone her on 01483 831179.  If  Hilary is unavailable contact Kathy & Mike Smyth on 01483 424012